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Information is all around you!
Look in the newspaper or a magazine...

Sometimes there is nothing at first glance, but look closely... don't forget to check the sports section!

Bring to your session a week's worth of newspapers or some Canadian magazines. Even some teen movie star magazines are good. Have the girls search, either individually or in a team, for something representing famous Canadian women. Do you think that anyone will think about clipping the cartoon "FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE" by Lynn Johnston?
Watch your mail...any stamps on your letters? Canadian women are often featured on Canadian stamps. Check it out at a Postal Station next time you visit. Ask the postmaster if there are any new stamps with women on them. Watch your own mail for stamps on Canadian Women. For the last few years women have been regulars on Canadian stamps. No luck finding your own stamps? Contact the philatelic section of Canada Post. Ask them to send out some information brochures on Canadian stamps featuring women. If you are connected search Canadian Philatelic sites on the internet.
Do you watch television? Do you go to the movies? Do you know any Canadian television personalities who are women? What about any Canadian women who are movie stars? You should be able to fly solo with this one. Who does your evening news? Ever watch the Dini Petty show? Watch children's programs? Check Canadian content on CBC, CTV, or Global. Marie Soleil lives here in the Ottawa Carleton area.
Do you play CD's? Rock music...Country music...Pop music? Look at the information on the CD package. These package covers often have information about the performers. Search your own CD collection... the covers are great. Even Anne Murray's "Hippo in a bathtub" is on CD now!
Do you read books? Book jackets have photographs and stories about the authors. Next time you are at the library check out the information about the author on the book jackets. Go ahead... ask the librarian. Librarians will be happy to help you find a Canadian woman author. You may even be surprised! Time to visit the library yourself. Ask a librarian for help if you are in a hurry.
The INTERNET can be a fun place to look. Be careful of the information. Make sure it is a site done by a professional and that the information is correct. Search by name (Roberta Bondar). Search by profession (astronaut). Search by interesting institutions (National Museum of Science & Technology.) Search government sites (Status of Women, National Library of Canada, National Archives of Canada) Be prepared. I found it was a lot of work. Do your homework first and take the girls directly to the best sites. Remember to check the dates the sites were updated, and consider the source site to make sure it is reliable.
Can you think of other places to look for information on Famous Canadian Women? Let your imagination run wild... think of the names of schools in your area or province... think of the names of big buildings in your area or province...what is the name of your skating arena? Does your city/town/area have a wall/hall of fame? Been to an art gallery lately? Canadian History is part of grade 8. Will you local schoolteacher help?
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