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Check out the other sections of this Canadian Heritage site.
There are other games, but you will have to search for the names of women!

This section is very selective. There are lots of sites out there on the web, but these are my favorites right now.

Roberta Bondar, 1st Canadian woman to go into space. While there are lots of sites that include information on Dr Bondar, the site set up by Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario is perhaps the best. This site includes a photograph, a biography and a QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS INTERVIEW which is fun to read.

Emily Carr, painter that leaves viewers of her art in awe of Canada's West Coast.
This site has a photograph of Emily and her works as well as a biography.


Check this site out for information on other Famous Canadian Women. In general it is a cool site.

Marie Rollet-Hébert 1st Canadian farmers wife! It makes sense to me that Louis Hébert, Canada's 1st farmer had a wife! I just never thought about her before! It seems that she is missed in most Canadian History books too!

Canadian Women at War
A great general site on Canadian women service at war. Copyright by Alderley Ventures

Celebrating Women's Achievements
The National Library of Canada maintains this site. Each October, to celebrate Women's History Month, a new category is added. Each biographical entry lists books to read on the individual cited. A great bilingual site well worth the effort to visit.

Famous Canadians
A great site for information on modern Canadians including lots of women. When you click on a specific name it takes you to exciting sites.

Women Artists in Canada
" the user an entryway to our Canadian Heritage by illustrating the importance of women artists in the visual arts..."

Beckey's Guiding Resources

Girl Guides of Canada


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