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Reproduced with the permission of The editor of the Canadian Doll Journal

 Barbara Ann Scott

"Canada's Skating Sweetheart Doll"

Drawing of Barbara Ann Scott

Barbara Ann Scott, today still a very attractive woman, was a beautiful girl whose photo was enclosed with the doll.

Barbara Ann Scott is one of Canada's best-remembered athletes. She was Canadian Junior Champion at age 11 and had won European and World Championships by 18. In 1948, she won the gold medal for women's figure skating at the Olympics in St. Moritz, Switzerland. She was a major celebrity and Reliable Toy Company Ltd. created a doll in her likeness. The demand for the $5.95 doll was overwhelming. The doll, with slight costume changes, was produced through 1953. Barbara Ann skated professionally from 1949 to 1954.

The original dress came in pink or blue lace with marabou trim and was accessorized with a pearl trimmed coronet.

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