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Use your mouse pointer to touch a date on the calendar to the left and see which Famous Canadian Woman has a birthday on that date.
August 1Helen Sawyer Hogg-Priestley.  née Sawyer. Born August 1, 1905  Lowel, Massachusetts, U.S.A.  Died January 28. 1993 Richmond Hill, Ontario. She earned an undergraduate degree in Astronomy in 1926 at Mount Holyoke and took a position at the Harvard Observatory earning her master degree in 1928. Since Harvard University did not grant PhD's to women at this time she attended Radcliff University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. to earn her doctorate degree in 1931.  In 1930 she married Dr. Frank Scott Hogg (d1951) and the couple had 3 children. In 1935 the family relocated to Toronto, Ontario where she worked at the beginning as a volunteer and then as a research assistant at the University of Toronto. A world expert who would receive numerous honours including being a Companion in the Order of Canada, she took her profession to radio and TV in a clear andImage result for Irene Battle Hogg images understandable manner for all listeners. She wrote a book, The Stars Belong to Everyone and a weekly column in the Toronto Star newspaper from 1951-1981 called 'With the Stars'. She served as the 1st woman president of several astronomic organizations.  In 1976 she became a professor emeritus at the University of Toronto. She worked outside of the U of T in 1940-41 when she was acting Chairman of the Astronomy Department at Mount Holyoke College and again from 1955-1956 when she spent an academic year as Program Director for Astronomy at the National Science Foundation in Washington, DC, U.S.A.  In 1983 she became the 1st Canadian to be awarded the Klumpke-Roberts Award and the 1st Canadian women to have a Minor Planet (N0. 2917) named Sawyer-Hogg in her honour. .In 1985 she married fellow Toronto Professor F.E.L. Priestley (d 1988). 
 Anne Hébert.  Born August 1, 1916 Sainte-Catherine-de-Fossambault, Quebec. Died January 22, 2000.  A poet, playwright, and novelist worked on Radio – Canada broadcasts and also wrote scripts for the National Film Board. She has written books of prose and some of her novels have been made into films. She writes in her native French but most of her works have been translated into English.  She has been awarded the Molson Prize in 1967 and elected to the Royal Society of Canada.
August 2Marie-Anne Lagemodiére.  Born August 2, 1780 Maskinongé, Quebec. Died December 14, 1875. Marie-Anne traveled with her fur trading husband and in 1806 was one of the first white women to visit such outposts as Red River and Fort Edmonton. Her daughter, Reine, was the 1st legitimate white child to be born in the Canadian west in 1807. Marie-Anne was also the grandmother of Louis Riel. 
  Valerie Jean Knowles. Born August 2, 1934 Montreal, Quebec. She completed degrees from Smith College, McGill University in Montreal and Carleton University in Ottawa. This former history teacher and, now, free lance writer who has been successful in writing for newspapers, magazines and federal government departments. She has authored some 9 books. She uses her historical studies and archives  background to develop her contribution to historical writings of Canada. Her book, Strangers at Our Gates, currently in another edition, provides the only writing to give a complete overview of the history of Canadian immigration.  She has established herself as a biographer of note with her works on Cairine Wilson, Canada's 1st woman in the senate,  the award winning book Telegrapher to Titan the life of William C. Van Horne published in 2004, and collections of profiles of famous and obscure figures of Ottawa in Capital Lives which were taken from her column in Fifty Plus magazine.
August 3 Anne Marie Loder-DeLuise. Born August 3, 1969 St John's, Newfoundland. An accomplished TV and movie actor, she always wanted to act. She took local classes in St John’s Newfoundland until she discovered theatre school. After university she attended the Ryerson Theatre School for Acting in Toronto. She had her 1st role in Family Pictures in 1993.  She Married actor and director Peter DeLuise and the couple have one son. To date he most notable roles are Dr. Greene in Fifty Shades of Grey and Mrs. Briggs on Strange Empire for which she won the Leo Award from British Columbia.
 Greta Krause  Born August 3, 1907 Vienna, Austria. Died March 30, 1998, Toronto, Ontario. In 1923 she entered the Vienna Academy of Music and in 1930 she had earned her music teacher diploma. In 1935 she made her performing debut on harpsichord in Austria. By 1937 she was appearing on stage in London, England with the Boyd Neel Orchestra. In 1938 she immigrated to Canada settling 1st in Hawkesbury, Quebec before relocating to teach a Havergal College in Toronto. She was soon doing solo appearances on stage and on CBC Radio. As well as her classical works she performed 20th century harpsichord music. In 1958 through 1963 she founded the Toronto Baroque Ensemble. From 1965 through 1986 she and flutist Robert Aitken formed the Aitken Kraus Duo. In 1939 she had begun to teach piano and coach voice privately and at the Collegium Musicum (Toronto). She also taught at Banff and the Shawinigan Summer School of the Arts as well as at several universities. Confederation of University Faculty Associations for 'an outstanding contribution to university teaching' in 1973, was named an 'Outstanding Woman of the Province of Ontario' in 1975, and received a Toronto Arts Award in 1990 and the Order of Ontario in 1991. She was inducted as a  member of the Order of Canada in 1992. Source: The Canadian Encyclopedia. Online (Accessed August 2014) She received a citation from the Ontario
August 4 Elizabeth Carmichael Monk. Born August 4, 1898, Montreal, Quebec. Died December 26, 1980, Montreal, Quebec. In 1923 she earned a degree in Law from McGill University. She was the 1st woman to win the faculty’s gold medal for academic excellence. Unfortunately at the time she graduated women were not allowed to be called to the Bar in the province of Quebec. She would fight, cajole, and wait almost 20 years before she was called to the Bar. In 1934 she was admitted to the Bar in Nova Scotia but this was not home. On January 10, 1942, Elizabeth was on of four women to be the 1st women called to the Bar in Quebec. The other women were Constance Garner-short (1910-1959), Suzanne Raymond Filion and Marcelle Hémond-Lacoste. Elizabeth practiced corporate  and became the 1st Quebec woman appointed as Queen’s Counsel. She worked with the Montreal Citizen Committee, the Quebec National Federation of University women and Canadian Federation of University Women. In 1991 she was the recipient of the Méite du Barreau. (2013)
August 5 Betty Oliphant.  Born August 5, 1918 London, England. Died July 11, 2004. She is a founder of the National Ballet School of Canada and founding director 1959-1979. She has also worked for ballet schools in Sweden, Denmark, and Russia.  She is an Officer of the order of Canada as well as many additional awards from the City of Toronto, France and the 125 Anniversary of Confederation Medal. She has also published her autobiography.
 Carole Laure.  Born August 5, 1951, Shawinigan, Quebec. She began a career as a teacher but did not find it to her liking. In 1971 she appeared in her 1st movie Mon enfance à Montréal and has a distinguished career not only in French language films and television but also in English language films. In 1980 she appeared in a dinging role in the film musical Fantastica. Here solo singing career is like her acting, bilingual with single discs and LP’s in both languages. (2014)
 Terri Clark.  (real name Terri Lynn Sauson) Born August 5, 1968 Montreal, Quebec.  At age 9 she began playing guitar. She has always been obsessed with Country Music. She headed to Nashville in the U.S.A. to follow her dream. She worked and sang anywhere she could, "paying her dues" as a new singer for seven years. Her first album went triple platinum in Canada and platinum in the U.S.A. The Canadian Music Association declared her Top New Female Artist in 1995 and she won album and song of the year in 1996. She loves to rollerblade and collects guitars.
August 6Rina Lasnier.  Born August 6, 1915, St-Grégoire d'Iberville, Quebec. Died May 9, 1997.  Rina was a youthful playwright who blossomed into a renowned poet. She attended the Université de Montréal. Her 1st published work was a play in 1939. She published her 1st verses in 1941.  Her writings garnered her the Prix David in 1943 and again in 1974.  In 1957 she was awarded the Prix Dulemay. In the 1970’s her works were recognized with the 1971 Molson Prize, the 1973 Prix France-Canada and in 1974 the Lorne Pierce Medal. In 1987 she was inducted into the National Order of Quebec.
 Mary diMichele. Born August 6, 1949 Lanciano, Italy.  She immigrated to Toronto, Ontario with her family in 1955. In 1972 she completed her studies at the University of Toronto for her BA which she followed in 1974 with her MA from the University of Windsor. She was one of the poets included in the anthology Roman Candles (1978), and in The New Oxford Book of Canadian Verse (1982), edited by Margaret Atwood. Her 1st solo poetry book Tree of August was published in 1978 would be followed by several more poetry works. Her 1st novel Terror of Love  appeared in 2005.   She is a founding member of the Association of Italian Canadian writers in 1986. Working as a freelance writer and editor she has worked with Toronto Live, Poetry Toronto and the Toronto Star newspaper. She has held posts as writer-in-residence in Toronto, Regina, Banff, Montreal, Rome, Italy and Bologna, Italy.  Since 1990 she has been professor of creative writing at Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec. Mary has received numerous awards for her books of poetry. Including a silver medal in the CBC poetry competition, duMaurier Award for Poetry, an Air Canada Writing Award, a Toronto Arts Award and ARC Confederation Poets Award.   Source: the Canadian Encyclopedia Online (Last accessed July 2015)
August 7Anna Haining Swan.  Born August 7, 1846, Mill Brook, Nova Scotia. Died August 5, 1888, Seville, Ohio, U.S.A. Anna was 1 of 13 children who were born all normal sized babies. However by the time she was 5 years old she was already 4’8” tall! As an adult she stood 7’6” tall (advertised as 8’) and weighed 350 pounds. At 16 the famous circus entrepreneur P.T. Barnum brought Anna and her mother to New York City where she earned $1,000.00 a month at the American Museum on Broadway. She was partnered with Commodore George Washington Morrison who was 29” tall and weighed 24 pounds! She was almost killed in a fire at the museum on July 13, 1865 when unable to escape down the burning stairs she was too large to escape through a window. It took and block and tackle with 18 men to help her escape! While travelling to Europe she met Martin Van Bruen Bates who stood 7’ 22” (that is the description!) and weighed 470 pounds. The two were married June 17, 1871 in London, England. After a tour of Europe billed as the World’s largest married couple, they settled in Ohio where they built a house with 14’ ceilings and furniture to suit their size. Anne would have two children who where born very large babies and unfortunately did not live past a few days. Some of her clothes and other personal articles are displayed at a museum in Tatamgouche, Nova Scotia, near the town where she was born. Source: Phyllis R. Blakeley, “SWAN, ANNA HAINING,” in Dictionary of Canadian Biography, vol. 11, University of Toronto/Université Laval, 2003–, Online (Accessed August 2014) .
 Dorothy Louise Walton. née McKenzie. Born August 7, 1909 Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Died October 17, 1981.  Prior to 1932 she was a top ranked tennis player in Canada. After 1932 she switched to Badminton and became one of Canada’s best. After conquering the provincial and national titles in Canada she captured the All-England title that is equivalent to the world amateur championship. In 1950 she was voted one of the top 6 women athletes in Canada in the Canadian Press Poll. She is a member of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame.
 Elizabeth Manley. Born August 7, 1965  Belleville, Ontario.  Canada's top female skater in 1987 and 1988  she would win the hearts of her home country at the 1988 Olympics in Calgary with a silver medal. Her home is Gloucester (Ottawa) Ontario where they have named an arena  after her. She continues to skate professionally and packs the arenas wherever she goes in Canada. She is known  as the tiny skater with the big heart. (Check out the paper dolls in the Famous Canadian Women pages).
  Deborah Ellis. Born August 7, 1960 Cochrane, Ontario. A self declared loner she started writing at 10 or 11 years old.  She has won the Canadian Governor General’s Award, (2002), the Ruth Swartz Award, Sweden’s Peter Pan Prize,  the University of California’s Middle East Book Award, the Jane Addams Peace Award and the Vicky Metcalf Award. Her books give western readers a glimpse into the plight of children in today’s developing countries. As a teen in high school she joined the peace movement and is also a longtime feminist . She pledged the earnings from her Breadwinner Trilogy, published around the world in seventeen languages, more than half a million dollars, to Street Kids International and to Women for Women, an organization for Afghan girls in refugee camps in Pakistan. Book proceeds have also been shared with UNICEF.
August 8Irma Sophia Coucill.  Born August 8, 1918. An artist and editor, she began her career by working as artistic editor for various Canadian newspapers. She is mainly known for her portraits of Canadian sports figures. ( 310 completed works), prominent business figures , broadcasters and physicians. Her portraits number in the hundreds and are displayed in several Halls of Fame .  Her works have been used to produce commemorative coins and are also considered prominent pieces in several museums. 
August 9Mabel M. DeWare  Born August 9,1926. A politician who served as a Member of the New Brunswick Legislature, where she held several cabinet positions.  She was appointed to the Canadian Senate in 1990. Several members of her family are active in the Girl Guide movement. She attended the dedication of the new Canadian Girl Guide Flag in the halls of Parliament Hill on February 22, 2000. 
 Micheline Saint-Marcoux. née Coulombe. Born August 9 1938 Notre-Dame-de-la-Doré, Quebec . Died February 2, 1985. She was a composer and teacher who played a profound role in the development of contemporary music in both North America and Europe.
August 10Edith Norma Shearer  Born August 10, 1900 or 1902 Montreal, Quebec. Died June 12, 1983. The parents of Edith Norma and Athole (pronounce Ethel) registered the birth of both daughters but did not include their first names. Norma would go on to become an actress of great repute and would always claim to be the youngest of the sisters. The family moved from Montreal to New York working as performers and models.  It was tough times but eventually Norma would make it to Hollywood where she would become one of the great stars at MGM. She would marry the famous studio executive Irving Thalberg. She was the presented with the third top Actress Academy Award for her work in the film The Divorcee. She was the second Canadian woman to receive this award. A good biography is located at:   http://mdle.com/ClassicFilms/guest/shearerb.htm.   
August 11Ellen Burka. Born August 11,1921. A coach of renown she has seen her efforts crowned at 26 Canadian Olympic and World Championships when her pupils have received medals.  Her own daughter Petra Burka was one of her winners. Both family members are members of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame.
  Mavis Leslie Gallant.  née de Trafford Young Born August 11, 1922. Died February 18, 2014, Paris, France. As a youngster she told stories to her paper dolls to keep herself quietly entertained. A 4 years of age she was sent to boarding school. Her father died when she was 10 and her mother remarried and left for New York without her daughter who would attend a multitude of different schools. She settled in her late teens in Montreal. Here she married Johnny Gallant an Acadian might club entertainer who was soon a soldier in Europe. She was a working “Girl” at the National Film Board and an reporter at the Montreal Standard newspaper reluctantly hired to replace the men who were off fighting the war. She refused to write “girly” columns and was soon a feature writer for the paper. Her marriage disintegrated after the war and by 1951 she was submitting stories to the New Yorker and off to Live in Paris. Her early years in Europe had her living  in many short-term situations in the south of France, Switzerland and Spain, and eventually settled in the Montparnasse district of Paris, France. This  was the home of Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus in the 1950s, and the site of many student demonstrations in 1968 and during the labour and student strikes about the job laws in 2006. She chronicled the uprisings, initially for her personal notebooks, but eventually agreed to let The New Yorker publish them. (They appeared in Paris Notebooks.) She received the Governor’s General Award in 1981  for her work Home Truths: Selected Canadian Stories. She  would receive numerous honorary degrees, the Molson Prize from the Canada Council, the Canada-Australia Literary Prize, a tribute at the International Festival of Authors at Harbourfront in Toronto, the Blue Metropolis Literary Prize, the Inaugural Matt Cohen Prize, and the Pen Nabokov Award for career achievement. In 1981 she was made an officer of the Order of Canada and in 1993 this was upgraded to Companion of the Order of Canada. In 1983-1984 she returned to Canada as Writer-in-residence at the University of Toronto. She was preoccupied with the past in her last years as she  prepared her diaries  covering the years from 1952 through 1969 for publication. The diaries are to be published in Toronto and New York in 2015.In her last  decade she was plagued by ill health and poverty. but  close friends rallied to support her ‘valiant spirit, her coruscating wit and her generous capacity for friendship.’  Source:  Sandra Martin. Writer Mavis Gallant dies at age 91, In the Globe and Mail February 18, 2014 ; The Canadian encyclopedia. Online (Accessed June 2002)
August 12Hélène L. Shingles.  Dr Shingles, first female dentist stands by dental chairBorn August 12,1917.  A retired dentist, Hélène started to volunteer for Meals-on-Wheels to bring food the people who were ill or older and unable to cook for themselves.  She noticed many meals went uneaten.  She found out that his was because of dental problems. She founded a charitable Dental Health Centre to help out.  Her dedication and service of others has not gone unnoticed. Dental association, her home city, her home province have honoured her. He is a Member of the Order of Canada. This polish immigrant has truly honoured her Canadian citizenship.
 Jane Siberry.  Born  August 12, 1955 Toronto, Ontario.  During her college years, studying microbiology, she began performing at local coffee houses.  She used her tip money to fund her 1st album. She has not looked back. She has now formed her own record label “Sheeba” to produce her records.
August 13Gwendolyn Ringwood.  née Phares.  Born August 13, 1910 Anatone, Washington U.S.A.  Died May 24, 1984 Williams Lake, British Columbia. After graduating from the University of Alberta she worked as a secretary and later as registrar at the Banff Centre for the Arts were she wrote her 1st play The Dragons of Kent in 1935. She also studied playwriting at the University of North Carolina in the U.S.A. In 1939 she won an award from the Dominion Drama Festival for her tragic play Still Stands the House. In 1941 she received the Governor General's Award for outstanding service to Canadian drama. She was the 1st Canadian playwright to publish a volume of collected plays in 1982.The theatre in Williams Lake, British Columbia is named in her honour. The Writers Guild of Alberta presents the Gwendolyn Ringwood Drama Award. Source: The Canadian Encyclopedia. Online. Accessed last time 2000)
August 14Raynell Andrechuk. Born August 14, 1944, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. After graduating from the University of Saskatchewan she studied law at the University and began her own practice in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan In 1976 she was appointed a judge of the Saskatchewan Provincial Court after she had imitated Regina’s 1st family court. From 1977 through 1983 she served as Chancellor to the University of Saskatchewan. In 1985 she was appointed Associated Deputy Minister of Social Services for Saskatchewan. In 1987 she was High Commissioner to Kenya and Uganda followed by appointment as ambassador to Somalia and the Comoros. In 1988 through 1993 she was the Canadian Representative to the United Nations Human Rights Commission. In 1990 she was Ambassador to Portugal and Canada’s permanent representative the the United Nations Environment Programme and the UN Human Settlements Programme. In 1993 she was appointed to the Senate of Canada. Source: Raynell Andrechuk (Biography) Parliament of Canada. Online (Accessed September 2014) .
August 15Natasha Henstringe.  Born August 15, 1974 Springdale, Newfoundland and Labrador.  To begin her career as a model in Paris, France she had to leave home at the age of 14. She burst onto the movie scene in 1995 in the film “Species”.  She had 2 roles in 1992 and 5 roles, including “Species II” in 1998. “Caracara” is a 1999 release and  in 2000 is the “The Whole Nine Yards”.
  Dorothy Muriel Wylie Born August 15, 1929 Toronto, Ontario. Died August 13, 2016. At 18 when she  was considered too young by most schools she enrolled in St Michael’s Hospital School of Nursing graduating in 1950. As a working nurse she was known for being blunt and practical, always to the point. She studied for her Bachelor of Nursing at New York University in the U.S.A. in 1964 and earned her Master’s degree at Cornell University in New York State, U.S.A. in 1969. She was an early proponent of patient-centered care. She favoured hand on training and projects. In the 1970’s she worked at various leadership roles at Scarborough Centenary Hospital, Sunnybrook and at the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario. In 1978 she served as Vice-president of Nursing at Toronto General, the largest Hospital in the country at that time. She helped to launch the Ontario Provincial Nurse Administrators Interest Group and also the Journal of Nursing Administration which eventually was renamed the Canadian Journal of Nursing. She was elected as the president of the College of Nurses of Ontario. In 1982 she became a Fellow at Ryerson University, Toronto and taught at the University of and in 1989 she was associate professor at the University of Toronto. She retired from teaching in 1994. In 1885 she earned a second master’s degree in human resources development at American University in Washington, D.C., U.S.A. In 2001 3 women she mentored founded the Dorothy Wylie Health Leaders Institute that offers leadership education for nurses. Source; Obituary Globe and Mail September 9, 2016. Suggestion submitted by June Coxon, Ottawa Ontario.
August 16 Penny Martineuk Cooke  née O’Brian. Born August 16, 1919, Smoky Lake, Alberta. Died April 29, 2010 Vancouver, British Columbia. In 1944 she married Earl Cooke, (died 1969) who was serving in the Canadian Navy at the time. The couple would have three children. When she was scouted to play baseball by the All American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGBL) she decided the high pay that was being offered was worth it. In 1945 she played with the Fort Wayne Daisies. That season she stole 43 bases in 83 games.  The women in the AAGPBL wore one piece short skirted uniforms with knee socks, baseball shoes and caps. They played a grueling schedule to keep baseball going while the men served during World War ll. In 1988 the AAGPBL was included in the  National Baseball Hall of Fame Cooperstown, New York, U.S.A. In 1992, director, Penny Marshal used the AAGBL as inspiration to tell their story in the film A League of Their Own. In 1998 the AAGPBL Canadian members were inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, St Marys, Ontario. In 1981 she moved from Alberta to British Columbia to be closer to her children. Source: Obituary, The Vancouver Sun, May 8, 2010. ; ; AAGPBL Online (Accessed February 2014)  (2018)
August 17Manitok Catherine Thompson. Born August 17, 1955 Coral Harbour, Northwest Territories. Manitok graduated from the Teacher Education Program in Fort Smith in 1977 and went on to teach in schools in Coral Harbour, Repulse Bay and Yellowknife until 1983. She remained in the education field for the next 12 years, holding the positions of Coordinator of Interpreter Services with the Stanton Yellowknife Hospital, Language Consultant, Inuktitut Programs Specialist and high school teacher. Manitok was also an active community volunteer, organizing the inaugural Keewatin Arts and Crafts Festival, music festivals, Rankin Inlet’s Hamlet Days and was a member of the Concerned Citizens against Drug and Alcohol Abuse. She also was a volunteer pastor for a small church in Repulse Bay. In recognition for her civic involvement she received the Volunteer Award for the Hamlet of Rankin Inlet. In 1994, she entered politics at the municipal level as a Counselor for Rankin Inlet and was appointed to the Nunavut Social Development Committee. She was 1st elected to the Northwest Territories' Legislature for the riding of Aivilik in a by-election on May 8, 1995, and re-elected in October of the same year. While holding the cabinet portfolios of Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs and Minister responsible for the Women's Directorate she was a member of the Standing Committee on Finance, the Standing Committee on Agencies, Boards and Commissions and the Special Committee on Housing. On February 15, 1999, the 1st election for the new territory, she won a seat in the Nunavut Legislature for the Rankin Inlet South/Whale Cove riding. Manitok served as Nunavut’s 1st woman cabinet minister as Minister responsible for Public Works and Services and Minister responsible for the Nunavut Housing Corporation. In 2001 she was named minister of Community Government and Transportation and Minister responsible for Sport Nunavut. . Retiring from territorial politics in 2004 she ran as an independent candidate in the federal Canadian election in 2004 where she finished in 2nd place. Manitok now works as an official with the territorial Nunavut government.  She is married to Tom Thompson and the couple have 2 children.
August 18Joan M. Boggs. Born August 18,1946. When she relaxes she goes hiking and canoeing or can be found gardening. When she goes to work she is a Senior Scientist at the hospital for Sick Children and a professor at the University of Toronto. Dr. Boggs is the author/co-author of more than 85 papers which have appeared in various scientific journals. You will find her listed in the Canadian Who's Who at your local library.
August 19Susan Jacks. née Pesklevits. Born August 19, 1948 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Susan and her husband Terry formed a popular 1970’s singing group called “The Poppy Family”. Together they produced several albums of music. She would go on to have a single performer career in the 1980's. She moved to Nashville to continue her career in music but ended up turning to a career in publishing. She is currently executive Vice President of a successful telecommunications firm in Nashville.
August 20 Cynthia Cindy Nicholas.  Born August 20, 1957 Toronto, Ontario. Died May 19, 2016, Scarborough, Ontario.  At 16 years old Cindy bettered the record for swimming Lake Ontario. In 1975 she swam the English Channel in record-breaking time. In 1977 she became the 1st woman to complete a double crossing of the English Channel  She would go on to swim the Channel 18 more times including 5 two-way trips! Her honorary title was Queen of the Channel. In 1977 she was voted by the Canadian Press as winner of the Bobbie Rosenfeld Award as Canada's Tope Female Athlete of the Year. She received the Order of Canada in 1979. She is a member of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame. She was inducted into the Ontario Sport Legends Hall of Fame in 2003.
Reproduced with permission
August 21Carrie-Anne Moss. Born August 21, 1970 Vancouver, British Columbia. While modeling in Europe she obtained a movie role in a film being done in Spain. This actress is just beginning her career with appearances in TV and movies since 1991.  She was in the TV series “Dark Justice” (19910, “Matrix” (1993). “Models Inc.” (1994) and F/X the Series (1996).
 Josée Chouinard.  Born August 21,1969.  She was 3 times Canadian figure skating champion.  She turned professional n 1994 and won the Canadian Professional Championships that same year and again in 1997.  She is an ambassador for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.  She married Jean-Michel Bombardier in 1997.
August 22Patricia Hy-Boulais.  Born August 22, 1965 Phnom Penh, Kampuchea.  This tennis player began her career in Honk Kong before moving to Canada. Canadian Champion from 1992 through 1999. She has also represented Canada at two Olympic games.
August 23 Elizabeth Minnie Betty Lambert. née Lee. Born August 23, 1933 Calgary, Alberta. Died November 4, 1983.  This playwright wrote some 70 works for adults and children to watch and listen to on radio, TV, and stage.  She also wrote novels.
 Jean Bruce Dawson. née Anderson. Born August 23,1912. Died 1999. She studied as a nurse when the depression intervened with her plans to become a doctor.  Her marriage to Douglas Dawson would lead to a family of four children and a relationship of some 60 years.  While traveling in the tropics she gained an interest in painting. At 74 years she earned her BA in Fine Arts.  She enjoyed her art but seldom showed her work.  She continued her humanitarian efforts by working for Meals on Wheels in her home community.
August 24Linda Hutcheon.  Born August 24, 1947 Toronto, Ontario. She is an author, editor and a critic of art and literature which she combines with being a professor at the University of Toronto.  Among her published books is a study of contemporary Canadian fiction.
August 25Ruby Keeler.  Born August 25, 1909 Halifax, Nova Scotia. Died February 28, 1993. A former speakeasy dancer and Broadway lead, she married musical star Al Jolson in 1928. After several films she retired from the screen in 1941. She charmed audiences again in 1971 with a return to Broadway in the musical "No No Nanette". She always contended that she had a horrible singing voice, could not act, and that her dancing skills were not that good either. Even so she was popular on screen.
 Marie Saint Pierre.  Born August 25,1961.  Her enjoyment of designing cloths has lead her to establishing her own company Marie Saint Pierre Design Inc. in 1987. Within a few years her work won recognition and awards from the industry including Vidal-Sasson-sponsored Buyer’s Designer of the Year in 1995. She has been subject of numerous newspaper and TV interviews and has been cited as “Canada’s most promising designer” (Globe and Mail). Watch the labels of clothing you buy…it might just be from…
August 26Alice Jones.  Born August 26, 1853  Halifax, Nova Scotia. Died February 27, 1933 Menton, France. . This author developed the “new woman” theme in her novels.  She also wrote shot stories and travel articles for magazines.  She used the pen name of Alix John for 1st novel Night-Hawk published in 1902.  In 1903 she was described as one of Canada’s leading women novelists. She relocated to France in 1905 but continued to include Canadian characters in her novels.
 Alice Evelyn Wilson.  Born August 26, 1881 Coburg, Ontario. Died April 15, 1964. A paleontologist who worked at the Geological Survey of Canada, where she described fossils in papers and books.  She lectured and traveled to bring geology to the public, especially children. In 1937 she was the 1st woman to be elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.
August 27Maud Allan (real name Ulla Maude Durant) Born August 27, 1873 Toronto, Ontario. Died October 7, 1956. A true pioneer of modern dance. She was educated in the U.S.A., Germany, and England but her career would take her around the world. Her autobiography was published in 1908, My life and dancing.
Juliette Augustina Sysak Cavazzi. née Sysak. Born August 27, 1926, St Vital, Manitoba  Died October 26, 2017 Vancouver, British ColumbiaAs a youngster in Winnipeg Juliette sang at the Ukrainian Hall and at amateur talent shows. When she was just a teenager her family relocated to Vancouver. At 13 she was singing at the Hotel Vancouver making more money than her father earned at his job as a cook for the Canadian Pacific Railway.  She was appearing on CBC radio at 15 and was headed to Toronto to appear on TV’s Holiday Ranch. Known as Juliette, this singer and entertainer used only her first name on stage. She married manager Tony Cavazzi. She had regular appearances on the Billy O’Connor CBC TV late show. By 1956 she had her own national TV program where she was known as “Our pet, Juliette”. The show was third in the popularity rating onlyImage result for Juliette Cavazzi images behind Hockey Night in Canada and CBC National News! Two of her favourite guests were Tony Bennett and Jack Jones. From 1969 through 1971 she hosted a day show called ‘After Noon’ and from 1973 through 1975 she hosted ‘Juliette and Friends’. She also had a successful recording career which included 5 LP 9Long Playing records) albums. In 1975 she was appointed a member of the Order of Canada. In 1999 she was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame. In 1994 She became a member of the British Columbia Entertainment Hall of Fame. She was often criticized for her choice of music, she hair style and the clothing she wore. However she is hailed as a trailblazer for female entertainers who wish to control their own image and Career.  Sources: John Einarson. ‘Juliette’ in Manitoba Music Museum . (accessed August 2014 : The Canadian Encyclopedia Online (Accessed August 2014)
 Sarah Chalke.  Born August 27, 1976 Ottawa, Ontario. Sarah would grow up in Vancouver British Columbia where she worked in Musical theatre. Sarah began professional acting with children's television shows, she got her break in 996 when she became Becky Connor # 2 on Roseanne, the popular television show about the Connor family . She has appeared in movies and television, including Ernest Goes to School;  Beyond Obsession;  Dead Man's Gun; Neon Rider, and Scrubs. She took up her role as Becky Connor on the reboot of the Roseanne show in 2018.  When not acting Sarah can be found on the ski slopes where she is a qualified instructor.
August 28Irene Mary Spry. née Biss.  Born August 28, 1907 Standerton, Transvaal, South Africa.  Died December 16,Image result for irene spry 1998. The works of this historian on the Palliser Expedition of 1857-1860 are definitive studies.  She represented the Federated Women’s Institutes of Canada at the Associated Country Women from 1954-to 1967 and was executive chairman 1959 to 1965.  She was a fervent supporter of Canada and of a social democratic approach to public policy.  She was named an Officer in the Order of Canada in 1993.  Failing eyesight did not kept her from almost daily studies at the National Archives of Canada where she could be seen using a large magnifying glass in order to read documents.
  Shania Twain. née Eileen Regina Edwards. Born August 28, 1965 Windsor, Ontario. .She took the name of her step father and went through school as Eileen Twain in Timmons, Ontario. She enjoyed music and her family recognized her talent when she was young. So did the CBC who had her appear at 13 on the popular Tommy Hunter Show. When she was 21 her parents were killed in an auto accident and she took on the responsibility for her brothers and sisters by working in a lodge in Huntsville, Ontario where she had a chance to perform as part of her work.  In 1990 when she signed her first recording contract with Mercury Nashville Records she changed her first name to Shania, which is from the aboriginal Ojibwa language , meaning 'I'm on my way'.  She was indeed! Her 1995 album, The Woman in me sold 12 million copies and her 1998 release Come on over produced 8 world wide single  hits. Her singing and her original writings of songs have won Grammy Awards, Juno Awards, Canadian and American Country Music Awards and World Music Awards. In 2001 she took time from her busy career to give birth to a son and in 2003 returned to touring and performing to her adoring fans. In 2004 she and her husband purchased a ranch in New Zealand as a get away from their home in Europe. . She has been honoured in her home town of Timmins with a museum dedicated to her life and career.
August 29Amanda Meta Marshall.  Born August 29, 1972 Toronto, Ontario. Amanda began performing when she was just 16 years old.  Her powerful voice landed her a contract with Columbia Records in New York City but it was Sony Music Canada that released her first album in 1995. Her song “This could take all night” was part of the sound track of the movie Tin Cup.  She has also had a strong endorsement from Elton John.
 Lise Payette.  Born August 29, 1931 Montreal, Quebec. In the 1960's she hosted a popular Radio Canada morning program "Place aux Femmes". She turned politician and joined the "Parti Quebecois". in 1976 she was elected to the Quebec Provincial legislature  where she was appointed provincial Minister of Consumer Affairs. She was not re-elected in the 1980 election and  her political career ended. 
August 30 Milena Gaiga. Born August 30, 1964 Port Alberni, British Columbia. In 1985 she began playing field hockey at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. She graduated in 1988 with her degree i Physical Education. In 1989 she returned to the University of Victoria to study for her Master's Degree and she also returned to the University Field Hockey Team.  In 1992 she was a member of the Canadian Field Hockey Olympic Team at the Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. In 2015 she was inducted into the University of Victoria Sports Hall of Fame. She works as a manager with the provincial government of British Columbia in the Physical Literacy and Healthy Settings. (2018)
August 31
Helen Irene Battle.  Born August 31, 1903,London, Ontario. Died June 17, 1994, London, Ontario. She earned her BA at the University of Western Ontario in 1923.One of the first women to enter the male dominated field of zoology.  she earned her PhD at the University Of Toronto in 1929 and was the 1st woman in Canada to earn a PhD in marine biology. She pioneered the use of fertilized fish eggs to study the effects of carcinogenic substances on development. The penetrating insights of her published papers were often accompanied with detailed pen and ink drawings done by her own hand. In 1949 she became a full professor. She always stated that her 1st love was teaching and many of her students visited their old professor years after their graduation.  In 1961, she co-founded the Canadian Society of Zoologists and became its President in 1962-1963.In 1967 she was presented with the Canada Centennial medal.  In the 1970’s Battle took on the role of Associate Editor of the Canadian Journal of Zoology. She did her research for the National Fisheries Research Board, the Ohio State Fisheries Lab, the Atlantic Biological Station in St. Andrews, N.B., and the Marine Biological Lab in Plymouth, England. In 1975 she was selected by the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Ottawa as one of 19 outstanding women scientists in Canada and was represented in a travelling exhibit to mark International Women's Year. In 1977 Prof. Battle was the 1st woman to be awarded the F. E. J. Fry medal from the Canadian Society of Zoologists and within a few weeks she received the first J. C. B. Grant award from the Canadian Association of Anatomists. Many student awards and a memorial lecture are named in her honour at the University of Western Ontario. Sources: Canadian Encyclopedia  Online. (accessed June 2010; University of Western Ontario, A part of our History: Helen Irene Battle. www.uwo.ca (accessed July 2015)
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