Dr Shingles, first female dentist stands by dental chairBorn August 12,1917 Poland. March 2009 Sarnia, Ontario. During world war ll she was working in a Warsaw, Poland hospital when she was arrested and taken to a concentration camp by the notorious Nazi regime. She was eventually liberated from a forced labour camp by the Allied Forces. It took her two years to recover from the camp life. Once recovered she joined at United Nations team of doctors travelling across Europe helping displace war victims. In 1950 she emigrated to Canada settling in Sarnia, Ontario where she worked at odd jobs putting herself through dental school. She retired from her dental practice after 20 years of service. After her career as a dentist, Hélène started to volunteer for Meals-on-Wheels to bring food to the homes of people who were ill or older and unable to cook for themselves. She noticed many meals went uneaten. She found out that his was because of dental problems. She founded a charitable Dental Health Centre and volunteered her services to help out. Her dedication and service of others has not gone unnoticed. Dental association, her home city, her home province all honoured her. In 1997 she became a Member of the Order of Canada. This polish immigrant has truly honoured her Canadian citizenship.