Maude Abbott
Date of issue of stamp: January 17, 2000
Designed by :  Tom Yakobine and based on photographs by Christine Guest and Paul McCarthy and also based on a painting by Mary Alexandra Bell Eastlake.

The stamp features a bouquet of roses in front of a 1936 painting of Maude Abbott.

Series : Millennium Collection , Medical Innovators

1,000,000 copies of the stamp were printed by Ashton-Potter Ltd

© Canada Post Corporation
Reproduced with permission
Maude Elizabeth Abbott. Born St. André Est, Quebec March 18, 1869. Died September 2, 1940. This doctor wrote a successful medical paper on heart murmurs, but a male friend had to present her paper since women were not admitted to the hall where the paper was presented! Later she would specialize on heart disease and eventually published the “Atlas of Congenital Cardiac Disease" for which she gained a good deal of respect. She also wrote a history of nursing, a basic text for Canadian nursing schools. She was even made an honorary member of the all-male Osler Society. She was also the founder of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada. She also served as curator of the McGill University Medical Museum.