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Thérèse Casgrain
Date of issue of stamp: April 17, 1985
Designed by : Ralph Tibbles based on illustrations by Muriel Wood.

The stamp shows the portrait of Mme Casgrain along with a vignette which is symbolic of her work as a feminist .

10,587,500 copies of the stamp were printed by Ashton-Potter Ltd.

© Canada Post Corporation
Reproduced with permission
Thésèse Casgrain. (née Forget). Born Montreal, Quebec 1896. Died November 2, 1981. She is remembered for her campaign for women’s right to vote (suffrage) in the province of Québec before WW II. (Quebec, the last province to grant women the vote, passing  legislation only in 1940.) She continued a career in politics becoming the first Canadian woman to lead a provincial political party. She was the leader of the Quebec CCF Party from 1951-1957. In 1970 she was appointed to the Senate of Canada. She is considered a leading woman of 20th century Canada.