Marguerite d'Youville
Date of issue of stamp:
September 21, 1978
Designed by: Antoine Dumas

A stamp that admirably conveys the spirit of the era of New France, the painting uses a contemporary interpretation of the baroque style.

30,200,000 Canada Bank Note Co. Ltd.

© Canada Post Corporation
Reproduced with permission
Marie Marguerite d'Youville (née  Dufrost de Lajemerais) Born Varennes, Quebec October 15, 1701.  Died December 23, 1771.  She was a daughter of one of the great families of New France. She was married in 1712, she was the mother of two children, and  became . widowed in 1730. By 1742 both sons had become priests and Marguerite worked to ease the plight of the poor. She was joined by other women and their work extended to the running of the Hôpital Générale. The group of tireless workers would eventually become a religious order known as the Grey Nuns. Marguerite was described as a remarkable woman who was courageous and processed remarkable administrative talent.