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In 1961 the Canadian Post Office issued it's first stamp with a portrait of a famous Canadian woman who had the distinction of being the first in her field. Over the next 43 years, a number of "famous women" would be honoured by having their image on a Canadian postage stamp.

The following pages host descriptions of  stamps that have been issued by Canada Post  honouring Famous Canadian Women.

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Stamps are listed in order by date of issue by Canada Post.

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Pauline Johnson Jeanne Mance Marguerite Bourgeoys Marguerite d'Youville Emma Albani
Dr. Emily Stowe Idola Saint-Jean Louise McKinney Henrietta Edwards
Thérèse Casgrain
Emily Murphy Molly Brant Frances Anne Hopkins Agnes Macphail Dr. Jenny Trout
Laura Secord Adelaide Hoodless Marie-Joséphine
Pitseolak Helen Alice Kinnear
Jeanne Sauvé Mary Travers
"la Bolduc"
Ethel Catherwood Fanny Rosenfeld Margaret Laurence
Gabrielle Roy Judy LaMarsh Phyllis Munday Pauline Vanier Elizabeth Smellie
Maude Abbott Dorimène Desjardins Rose-Anne Vachon Lucille Teasdale Portia White
Barbara Frum Dorothy Killam Hilda Neatby Dr. Roberta Bondar Julie Payette
image coming soon Still under construction      
Ellen Fairclough

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