Dorothy Killam
Date of issue of stamp:
February  17, 2000
Designed by: Dennis George Page and based on an illustration by Todd Hawkins.

The stamp shows an image of Dorothy and her husband, Izaak Walton Killam with a scientific symbol to indicate interest in their support of the arts, education and the sciences in Canada.

Series : Millennium Collection , A Tradition of Generosity

1,000,000 copies of the stamp were printed by Ashton-Potter Ltd.

Canada Post Corporation
Reproduced with permission
Dorothy Brooks Johnston Killam. Born St Louis Missouri, U.S.A. 1899 Died 1965. An extravert who enjoyed the company of people in general , she married Izaak Walton Killum, a Canadian financial wizard, in 1922. Upon his sudden death in 1955, Mrs. Killum expanded the family fortune and upon her death , her will donated large endowments to the Canada Council and various Canadian universities to support the arts, education and sciences in Canada. By 2001 the Canada Council Killam Awards, which were inaugurated in 1981 drew from a base of 68.1 million dollars.