Marie-Joséphine Gérin-Lajoie
Date of issue of stamp: March 8, 1993
Designed by: Heather J. Cooper

The stamp is a head and shoulders portrait of Mme Gérin-Lajoie.

3,600,000 copies of the stamp were printed by Ashton-Potter Ltd.

© Canada Post Corporation
Reproduced with permission
Marie-Joséphine Gérin-Lajoie (née Lacoste) Born Montreal, Quebec October 19, 1867. Died November 1, 1945.  As a youth she read her father’s law books and developed a concern for women’s rights. She combined her religion and family life with reform work bringing together Canadian Francophone women.  She worked closely with branches of the national Council of Women of Canada. She would give strong testimony before the Dorion Commission that recommended change to Quebec law.