Louise McKinney
Date of issue of stamp:
March 4, 1981
Designed by: Dennis Goddard, based on a painting by Muriel Wood

The stamp shows the portrait of Louise McKinney along with a vignette which is symbolic of her work as a feminist . The background buildings are the Legislative Buildings of the Province of Alberta.

6,162.000 copies of the stamp were printed by Canadian Bank Note Co. Ltd.

© Canada Post Corporation
Reproduced with permission
Louise Crummy McKinney Born Frankville, Ontario September 22, 1868. Died July 10, 1931.  In 1917 she was  the 1st women to be elected to the Alberta Legislative Assembly and indeed the first female member of a legislature in the entire British Commonwealth. She was an organizer of local, provincial, national and international vice-president of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union.  She fought for laws to aid immigrants, widows, and separated women.  She was the second woman to sign the famous “Persons” act which lead to women in Canada being able to be considered “persons” She is one of the group now called “The Famous Five”.