Emily Murphy
Date of issue of stamp:
April 17, 1985
Designed by: Ralph Tibbles based on illustrations by Muriel Wood.

The stamp shows the portrait of Emily Murphy along with a vignette which is symbolic of her work as a judge and feminist.

10,587,500 copies of the stamp were printed by Ashton-Potter Ltd.

Canada Post Corporation
Reproduced with permission
Emily Murphy. Born Cookstown, Ontario March 14, 1868. Died 1933. Emily was  journalist who would write about the adventures of the famous "Janey Canuck" character. She became the first woman in the British Empire to become a judge when she was appointed a  police magistrate for Edmonton, Alberta in 1916. She is also a member of the Famous Five who would be part of the Persons Case in 1929. This case would have women declared "persons" in the eye of the law. If you watch the "Historical Moments" which appear on Canadian TV. Be sure to watch for her story.