Julie Payette
Date of issue of stamp:
October 1, 2003
Designed by: Pierre-Yves Pelletier and based on photographs provided by the Canadian Space Agency and by the National Aeronautics and Space

The stamp shows the image of Julie Payette in full space gear, helmet in hand, with a black and white background of her working in the space shuttle. The sticker stamp was one of the first round stamps issued by Canada Post and one of the first stamps to honour a living Canadian.

Series : Canadian Astronauts

750,000 Lowe Martin Group Gravure Choquet Inc.

Canada Post Corporation
Reproduced with permission
Julie Payette.  Born Montreal, Quebec October 20, 1963.  She studied at the United World College in the United Kingdom, the MacGill University, Montreal and the University of Toronto. Did you know that this Canadian astronaut plays piano and has sung with the Montreal symphonic Orchestra Chamber Choir? She speaks 4 languages besides English and French. She enjoys triathlon, skiing, racquet sports and scuba diving. This young engineer was chosen as an astronaut in 1992 and went into space in as a crew member of the space shuttle Discovery in 1999.