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Mary Travers "La Bolduc"
Date of issue of stamp:
August 12, 1994
Designed by: Pierre Fontaine and based on illustrations by Bernard Leduc.

The stamp shows a coloured portrait of "La Bulduc" with a background of a younger image of the famous chanteuse playing the harmonica in a group.

7,500,000 copies of the stamp were printed by Canada Bank Note Co.

© Canada Post Corporation
Reproduced with permission
Marie (Mary)-Rose-Anne Travers. Born Newport, Gaspèsie, Quebec June 4, 1894. Died February 20, 1941. She left her home in the Gaspé to move to the city of Montreal as a young woman. In Montreal she would marry and begin to raise her family of 13 children. When her husband became ill she needed to help with the family income and she began to use her music skills to earn some cash. She played the violin and harmonica and she could also sing. She is best known by the name of LA BULDUC. She would become Canada's premier chansonère (singer), composing and singing songs of ordinary daily life of Quebec. She has to her writing credit some 300 songs.  A museum has been established in her home town of Newport. ** some sources report her birth date as June 24.